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Whitelames lyrics - Where's the enemy


He think its best to criticize his own kind
   An animal of greed, best to sew that social seed
   I though by my thoughts all would come clear to me
   Yeah I can shoot a gun, maybe I should join the army
   Is there a quite place to lie?
   Maybe watch all this go by
   Wonder how we can survive
   Wasting energy, where's the ememy>
   I'd soldier on and walk the cruvy line so straight
   But I would fall behind, maybe I am not so blinded
   You talk so much pity that is self-related
   Blaming not yourself, said the fault lies somewhere else
   Repeated when the feelings high
   I wish it all could just rely
   On the depth of you and I
   Wasting energy, where's the enemy?

Whitelames lyrics - Where's the enemy

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