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Whitelames lyrics - Pass the flagon


Look at the moon above our heads
   Oh the night is old but it's not dead
   Let's talk of the things that we used to do
   'Cause the future looks too bleak
   My body's floatin' out in the stars
   The alcohol seems to cleanse the scars
   As another bottle hits the ground
   I feel as empty as it sounds
   So pass the flagon down the line
   It don't taste bad for such cheap wine
   And now the only thing left to forget
   Is that picture of her
   Well i awake and everything's bright
   Oh my eyes they can't adjust
   to the morning light
   My body's achin' with the cold
   I feel about a hundred years old
   So i stagger down to the D.S.S.
   To try to get myself a counter cheque
   But an hour in line's an hour of wasted time
   And i want to break their necks
   You see my wife she couldn't stand the pain
   Left one morning on the evening train
   And now the only thing left to forget
   is that picture of her
   You see my dad was one too you know
   He couldn't forget
   I don't feel proud following his footsteps
   Although the backs of his feet
   are just a memory
   From sometime long ago
   Gettin' back to the park again
   Johnny borrowed some money off a friend
   And we washed down the morning with
   Some port and curled up in the shade
   You see my job was boring
   So i got the sack
   Spent the next twelve years on my back
   And the mortgages came and
   Sucked my house down the drain
   Now these four winds they blow
   all around me
   You see my wife
   She couldn't stand the smell
   Left me here to rot in hell
   And now the only thing left to forget
   Is that picture of her

Whitelames lyrics - Pass the flagon

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