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Whitelames lyrics - Gough


Little song about a man called Gough and a little boy who
   wanted to be
   tarred with the same brush
   He learnt Latin, held his head up high and he hated the
   Liberals tho' he
   didn't know why
   There were reasons - how long have you got?
   There are always reasons - how long have you got?
   The little boy's on the stage tonight, his name is Anthony
   Hayes and
   he's doing alright
   They both went to the same local Canberra school, but Stevie
   was nine in
   What a party - a big day for both of us
   A big reason to party - a big day for both of us
   Come over have dinner with me, we'll play chess and drink
   Walk slowly down my little street, can you bring Margaret?
   November 11 was Armistice Day, a bushranger was slaughtered
   and Gough
   was betrayed
   November 11 - he wouldn't survive the Governor - General in
   November 11 - a big day for all of us
   November 11 - Ned Kelly died, ahh shame Fraser shame and we
   all cried
   For you Gough you Gough you Gough Edward Gough Whitlam
   You Gough you Gough
   Days of wine and roses, days of wine and roses
   All the artists flew in and all the arseholes flew out in
   For you Gough, you Gough, you Gough...

Whitelames lyrics - Gough

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