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Ween lyrics - LITTLE BIRDY


Oh little birdy, oh little birdy
  I saw the little birdy sing
  He sang with glee and everything
  He sang for spring and sang for me
  And everything was so happy
  I don't know why I want to fly
  Try to sigh, try to fly, made a tie
  And then it tried to get me down
  I want to buy make me fly
  Get me high, so I can try
  And then I try
  The little birdy start to cry so happy
  Little birdy was so happy
  Little birdy was so happy
  Can I touch your birdy wing?
  And fly and hop and everything
  Can the sun reach down on us
  And through the heavens only we would sing
  I want the birdy make me laugh
  See the birdy make me laugh
  Take a little birdy bath
  I don't know why he got me high
  I don't know why, I don't know why
  It cannot die, it sang too high
  And all the birds on the wing sang so together
  [repeat all]
  So together, so together

Ween lyrics - LITTLE BIRDY

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