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Tankard lyrics - Wonderful life


Every day my life is getting worse
   I´m so sick of it all
   When I see myself I have to puke
   All my mirrors are full
   Stupid, ugly, fat as a pig
   That´s what I am - disgrace
   Noone likes me, not even me
   I´m worse than slime - no good
   Life sucks - everything is just a bloody mess
   Life sucks - and I believe that it´s getting worse
   Mouldy sausage, maggoty bread
   Is all I eat - green meat
   Herpes, V.D., loosing my teeth
   And all my hair despair
   I´m just gonna stay here in my bed
   Pray to god that I die
   I don´t ever want to live again
   It´s a horrible trip

Tankard lyrics - Wonderful life

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