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Tankard lyrics - Wheel of rebirth


Subterranean Urban Network
   Year Twenty Fortyeight
   System condition stable
   All data - flow intact
   Control - the human items cloned and bred
   Cast from genetic mold
   Optimized for future role
   World manager controllers
   Reside beyond the drones
   Immutably, undying
   By hi-tech providence
   Eternal life by mind transplantation
   Don\'t miss the chance
   The chance of rebirth
   Book your place on the wheel
   A perfect body chosen
   To host the aging brain
   Restricted access only
   High asset clientele
   No more fear of senility and death
   We sell eternity
   Take control of destiny
   Transplant complexes often
   Selections of young flesh
   To those who seek a new life
   To live their old life in
   Escape your judgement day - invest in time
   Hi-tech reincarnation
   The cult of science reigns
   Payment for paradise is
   Not prayer, just currency
   Buy life! We\'ll save you from mortality
   Don\'t fall for those who say:
   Madness lies in eternity
   Death must submit to finance
   He dwells among the slaves
   Control is universal
   The end of history
   But is eternal life heaven or Hell

Tankard lyrics - Wheel of rebirth

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