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Tankard lyrics - Tv hero


Monday morning horror, breakfast on my shirt
   Everything is wrong today
   Traffic driver me crazy, my blood is running hot
   Time is always slipping away
   Bum! Jerk! Piece of dirt!
   The bosses welcome knock me down
   Kiss my ass! I'll get you someday
   Revenge is sweet and I will make you pay
   Just you wait and see, there's an animal in me
   You can't run or hide from the demon deep inside
   Friday night avenger, slamming of the door
   Set the record straight and pay it mean
   Kick around my woman, show her who is boss
   I'm the master of the video - machine
   Rocky, Rambo, Zombies, Cannibals or Snuff
   What's it gonna be tonight?
   Cambodial I can't enough
   Of watching yellow bastards die
   Pushing of the button, let the deadly game begin
   Can he tell the real world from the nightmare he is in?
   People cashing in on pushing terror up your brain
   You will go insane!
   TV HERO - mutilation
   TV HERO - on the screen
   Rape the women, slay the children
   Violence like you've never seen
   TV HERO - gory vision
   TV HERO - in my head
   Zombie slaughter all night long
   A thrill you won't forget
   Stumble over corpses, wade in seas of blood
   Slaughter to the rhythm of a million guns
   Random execution, my face in full of crud
   From the guts of Charlie dying in the mud
   Just you wait and see, there's an animal in me
   You can't run or hide from the demon deep inside
   Ecstasy from viewing murder on TV
   Orgy of insanity and pain
   Killer in the armchair, satisfying lust
   Watching victims of a deadly game
   More! Death Heat me up
   My pint is hard from seeing blood
   The climax! I'm shooting my gun
   Brutality is sex for men
   Another war is over, this battle you have won
   Rewind and put it back upon the shelf
   Your dreary life's returning, but now you've had your fun
   So you will take another day of Hell
   They're selling you aggression, to simplify oppression
   Numbing your emotions and your mind

Tankard lyrics - Tv hero

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