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Tankard lyrics - The meaning of life


It's such a mystery
   Can someone tell me the meaning of life?
   It's really killing me
   Who's got the rap on the meaning of life?
   Kama Sutra, Bible and Koran - no answer, man
   Not a clue from Marx to Socrates - I'm on my knees
   Gotta find it in my own
   Sober, drunk or maybe stoned
   Grow myself a wisdom tooth
   Ask him, if he knows the truth
   I can't rest 'til I've discovered why - we live and die
   Desperation's driving me insane - pain in my brain
   It's such a mystery
   What is the key to the meaning of life?
   I have to be sure
   What are we living for?
   It's such a mystery
   But I'll uncover the meaning of life
   What's the use of fighting for rebirth - What is it worth?
   Born to live the dreams of our parents - What is the sense?
   If your life is from above
   There's no need for making love
   Be the best that you can be
   Working for the family
   A weekend escape is only fantasy - Life isn't free
   So I work in hopes I'll get away - Maybe one day
   Sometimes I think that life's a game - But who's to blame?
   Or is life for love and charity? - I disagree
   Life is just a money grab
   Taking all that's to be had
   I can never be complete
   Everybody wants a piece
   Will I ever find some happiness? - Before my death
   But what if there's an afterlife - In Paradise?
   The end of the mystery
   Think for yourself

Tankard lyrics - The meaning of life

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