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Tankard lyrics - Remedy


Get out of the streets
   Get out of your cage
   Start thinking sharp
   You got to get smart and rage
   Set yourself free
   Set yourself free
   Good rockin' music is all we need
   It's gonna save your head
   Gonna save your soul
   Good old fashioned
   Good time remedy
   They call Rock'n'Roll
   Ain't no time for settin' down
   You got a whole lot of noise
   To make in this town
   Rock'n'Roll it's goin' around
   You got to pick it up and start layin' down
   Don't waste my time with fancy prancing
   Just Rock'n'Roll and get everybody dancin'
   Take your worries out and throw then away
   They make you old
   They're gonna make you grey

Tankard lyrics - Remedy

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