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Tankard lyrics - Mechanical man


Part of the nameless masses
   Part of the big machine
   You're nothing but a cogwheel, man
   Well died, conform, replaceable
   Think - sometimes you wake up
   Act - and wonder why
   You're free to think that you're free
   But somewhere truth is lost
   The drudgery you like each day
   Is all you know, you don't complain
   Do you want to be a mechanical man?
   Don't you want to be free?
   Do you know your mind is no longer your own?
   You will always be a mechanical man
   You can never be free
   Being unaware of the powers you serve
   You life's a vicious circle
   You move but get nowhere
   The only way you know to break out
   Is dreaming on the video
   Think - you've got to shape up
   Act - to make a change
   But then you're just a chess piece
   In someone else's game
   He makes the move, you have your place
   And destiny is preordained
   So many others like you
   They're living senseless lives
   They will obey and walk their way
   With vacant stares and empty minds
   Think - sometimes they wake up
   Act - and wonder why
   But we are much too burned out
   To light the flame of hope
   The revolution will not come
   Our minds are tied behind our backs

Tankard lyrics - Mechanical man

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