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Tankard lyrics - Live to dive


Climb on the boxes... Live to dive!
   Leap into masses of sweat, beer and noise
   The crazy jumper... Live to dive
   Aching and hurting, but he'll never stop
   You wanna hear about a freak?
   A nut who dives, but not in the sea
   A King Kong act, he climbs the amps
   Four meter jump, cracks jokes and his bones
   He drives his Benz across the roads
   At rocket speed, through fog and on ice
   Popping pills to stay awake
   A kamikaze! He's death on four wheels
   Part of a band, the worst there is
   Can't even play those strings that make noise
   He really thinks he's A.O.K.
   Feels like a star, that guy is bad news

Tankard lyrics - Live to dive

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