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Tankard lyrics - Grave new world


Melt to the beat of the drum
   Melt to be one, to be one
   What thou wer'st, what thou be
   Creature of the hatchery
   Not a man reeling free
   Bear this mark of destiny
   Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta
   Is the song that society sings
   Soma coma, fucking by numbers
   And consume as much as you can
   Free from love, free from hate
   Sterile and stable
   Urge and instinct channeling
   Feeling disabled
   Pour the genes into the mould
   Of what is needed
   Engineer conformity
   The pool is weeded
   No more devils, no more heaven
   Grave new world
   Free and killing or bound and willing
   Slave or savage
   Dear the calm weighed in souls
   But the matter goes untold
   What was one man's alone
   Multiplies in wretched clones
   Endless columns,
   mother of sameness
   Breeding life in a clinical way
   Fear of flowers, learning and playing
   For the ones
   that are meant to be slaves
   Factoried, standardized
   Humans conditioned
   Play the part
   that they're ascribed
   No free decision
   No More doubt, no more quest
   Nothing but answers
   Whispered twenty million times
   Til all believe them
   We are clay in the hands
   Of those who make us
   In a vision not our own
   Blindfolded robots
   God is dead, man is god
   Above his fellow
   Nothing here's an accident
   But you will not know

Tankard lyrics - Grave new world

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