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Tankard lyrics - Feed the lohocla


Was it destiny that one day It was born
   Drunk creature of the night who haunts us for our brew
   It was dark, midnight or so, when most had left for home
   Breath of life, Lohocla lives, the barley entity
   Now it is alive spawned from the loins of beer
   Throat parched and on a quest to quench his - die hard thirst
   All he asks oblige him in giving up your drink
   It's okay, don't shit your pants, he's tamer than you think
   Where is he from? Why is he here?
   Nocturnal boozer on a pursuit of beer
   So set him free from sobriety-tonight!
   Inebriate! One of his favorite words
   Control his state of mind though he has no dime
   Out of cash and out of stash, he's coming off his high
   Time to cruise the local joints to mooch Iiquld food
   Wading through the bar and wasted off his ass
   Lohocla's drunk again yet still he begs for more
   One day you'll encounter him,
   you'd better share your beer

Tankard lyrics - Feed the lohocla

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