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Tankard lyrics - Don't panic


Do you care for the world we live in?
   Are you aware?
   Death! Kill! war's running rampant
   Kill! Die! your children are dead
   But there's a cause - that's what they tell us
   So they lie
   Off to war - inflicting terror
   Millions die
   Let they say: Nothing's wrong at Chernobyl
   And they've found another cure for AIDS
   Send their guns to Nicaragua
   And shake their fingers at Afghanistan
   Don't panic - it's just our world
   Fatal disease killing society
   Safe sex!
   No! Hope! They're all drossy cured
   Last! Chance! Time's running out
   Russian miltdown - people dying
   Is it fair?
   poison clouds - water our cities
   Loss of fair

Tankard lyrics - Don't panic

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