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Tankard lyrics - Dancing on our grave


This living planet is dying fast
   Beset by parasites a terrifying plague
   Does mankind have a right to live?
   We take the earth for what she has and death we give
   Atomic powers and acid rain
   The ozone gone, you ask what's going on, we're
   Dancing on our grave - careless with no regrets
   Dancing on our grave - there's no more turning back
   Eons of evolution ravaged by pollution, now we are
   Dancing on our grave
   Civilization reeks of its waste
   A toxic curse that lies forever on the race
   Emissions killing silently
   Get in the ground, the air, the water, every tree
   Tipping the balance that nature held
   We aimed at others but we shot ourselves, we're
   An eco-revolution is the sole solution, but we're
   Dancing on our grave
   Pleading for nature is trendy now
   Deeds are replaced by words while time is running out
   We didn't care for much too long
   Catastrophes, extinction, cancer prove us wrong
   The train of "progress" still races on
   Straight to the gates of Hell, bid you farewell
   Once man has been erased, the world might be a better place, we're
   Dancing on our grave

Tankard lyrics - Dancing on our grave

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