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Tankard lyrics - Always them


The hate in your eyes
   As one more victim dies
   The ghetto in flames
   Another day of shame
   Will you kill them all
   'cos they're not like you?
   Whether someone's skin is black
   Or he calls himself a jew
   It he comes from a foreign land
   What's all that in you?
   All are equal - stop the bigotry
   All are equal - lace is only ideology
   Misfortune mayhem
   You blame it all on "them"
   They're dirty and mean
   You want your country clean
   What does it mean "clean"?
   If they're not like you
   Then they don't belong
   Everyone's a foreigner
   Almost any place he's in
   Tolerance is the better way
   In friendship all win
   Soveto, the Klan
   Treblinka in the end
   These names they spell out
   What you are all about

Tankard lyrics - Always them

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