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Sloppy Meateaters lyrics - The Elevens


I'm staring down at these people
  Staring down at me looking up to the heavens
  So peacefully
  I guess I wasn't so unreachable
  I guess I'm just another goddamn asshole
  Alone on a road with no signs of leaving
  And thus I start my new life baby
  Twisting in the wind
  Together forever with my demons
  Twisting in the wind
  I bet ya 10 they'll all forget me
  I bet ya 10 they're better off without me
  We don't go by names
  And you can expect one thing
  The way you lived your stupid life
  Will haunt you every single time
  You lift up your eyes!
  The End

Sloppy Meateaters lyrics - The Elevens

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