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Sloppy Meateaters lyrics - Suddenly Forget


Late night devours, my will power I'm afraid
  Everything I say and do comes back to me
  What can I do, I'm all out of time
  I'd give it all away
  If I could change one thing
  Black days sing
  Let's pretend it never happened
  Just forget it please
  Suddenly forget I instantly regret
  The moment I set eyes on you
  Suddenly forget my world just turns to shit
  Have you ever felt so used
  Searching for reason and some meaning
  I need change
  The way I see it I don't need it
  All I do is think and breathe it
  This makes me insane
  Point the blame ignore the sin
  Found the truth the problem is all mine
  Given time I'll get by but tonight I chose a side
  In the day I feel alright

Sloppy Meateaters lyrics - Suddenly Forget

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