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Peter Cetera lyrics - No explanation


You really took me by surprise
   You're someone I've needed for a lifetime
   Your heart was cleverly disguised
   And it didn't look that way in my mind
   Tell me, how could it be I was the last to know
   Darling, I couldn't read what was in your mind
   To turn around and love me
   With no explanation
   I gave you everything I had
   I didn't know that you would take it
   With sweet consideration
   And after all that we've been through
   I can't believe it's true
   Until I hear you say
   My mouth is still wet from our last kiss
   Was loving me your one intention
   What were the signs of the times I missed
   I need you more than I could mention
   I won't, ever accept you leaving for someone else
   When something is wrong, darling I need to know
   Don't ever leave me

Peter Cetera lyrics - No explanation

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