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Ms Jade lyrics - Best meets best


[Intro Jade (Luck)]
  B-Brokers, Best meets best (The best)
  It's about time, don't you think?
  (Hey) Some real chicks
  Doin' real shit (Concern yaself)
  [Chorus Woman]
  It just don't get much better (Whoo-ooo)
  You can't get enough of this (Whoo)
  [Verse 1 Ms Jade]
  I'm easily spittin' facts, ya opinions don't matter
  No matter the muh'fucka we bustin', this muh'fucka ain't poppin' or duckin'
  Oh, easy ox, this is gangsta girl talk
  Money long and strong and I'm a pimp, see it in my walk
  These niggas get more than bitches, expect that
  BSin' and half-steppin', how I'm 'posed to respect that?
  Naw, easily could get gone, lucky Jade is much harm
  Ya'll pissin' over the beats, I'm shittin' on ya front lawn
  You want it, it could be on, fuck the piano's and horns
  Take it back 'round the time Eddie Murphy was raw
  The hood was happy and poor, now we poor and pissed
  No Belve' no Cris, rap music, son-of-a-bitch
  [Chorus 2x]
  [Verse 2 Lady Luck]
  Ms. Jade holla at me...
  Yo I ain't in to rappin' funny, clik clak crackin' dummies
  Have 'em wrapped like mummies, wait til the tires get dunny
  Baby the pussy's free but my time costs money
  Chain hang, look like I got Alaska on me
  Me and the homie Ms. Jade, switch lanes, spit game
  Cocksucka, we Thelma and Louise, with hammers to squeeze
  Huh, mami came to thug it, spits piss colored
  Escada jeans in the Gucci, fuck it (Let's go)
  I live it for real, spit steel grippin' the wheel
  I cut ya grill, 'til you look like Seal
  Holla at me
  When them 380's buck, even old ladies duck
  Dubs on the truck, by the way my name is Luck
  [Chorus 2x]
  [Verse 3 Lady Luck & Ms. Jade]
  Yo yo yo, it just don't get no better, no hotter
  No momma can touch, fuck with Jade
  It just don't get no sicker, no bigger
  Best meets best muh'fucka, who would figure
  Yo sista pass the liquer
  Or pass me the Swisha and roll up a fat one
  I'm still high off the last one
  These rap bitches do not know who they dealin' wit
  I'll pimp-back-slap 'em, get 'em hoes that spit
  We too sick, this is how it's 'posed to be done
  Them misses got too prissy, cocked, thinkin' you fuckin' wit Luck?
  You fuckin' wit Jade, then the Uzi will spray
  Right through ya prostate, turn projects into the world trade
  I am a major shit talker, back it up
  Come and test
  I'ma quick spark and leave a hole in ya chest
  Luck is you still with me?
  From Jersey
  And Philly, zippin' down the turnpike
  Tricks right, burn right, Def Jam, Beat Club, pretty bitches
  We thugs, play tough then we duff three in ya mug
  [Chorus 4x]
  [Outro Luck (Jade)]
  Turn it up!!! (Turn it up!!!)
  Rock wit it (Rock wit it)
  Rewind it back (Rewind it back)
  I like that (I like that)
  Ms. Jade (Lady Luck)
  Ms. Jade (Lady Luck)
  Uh uh hahaha

Ms Jade lyrics - Best meets best

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