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Lisa Maffia lyrics - Woman of the world


   I seen a lot of women from all around the world
  different situations on different kind of girls
  no matter who you are and no matter where you live
  keep your head up you gotta think positive
  I know life feels like a struggle sometimes
  multiple scenarios playing with ya mind
  whether you are rich whether you are living poor
  women of the world you can’t ignore
  36 up in my eyebrows my dedication to the women of the world
  they stand for independency prosperity integrity it all comes naturally
  whether you meant to be cheatin
  always creeping never sleeping with you
  always home alone
  make sure you bring up your own
  show them the ways til they’re fully grown.
  This is dedicated to the women of the world
  whether you’re a woman or just a little girl
  black, white, good, bad gotta be true
  women of the world this songs for you. x2
  I met this woman coming straight outta the hood
  no money no food life wasn’t good
  guys say kids with no baby dads
  feels she can manage with the things that she had
  different situations but the same kinda strife
  but this woman had money in her life
  one time but she has more mouths to feed
  bottom line is us women succeed
  you know that he’s messing with ya
  you just aint got the strength to leave (come on)
  never let them lose him into you (no way)
  that’s not the way you gotta live
  yes somebody cares for you
  got to let the light shine through
  don’t let him get the best of you (no)
  so go on girl do what you gotta do.
  [Chorus x2]
  Women of the worldx8

Lisa Maffia lyrics - Woman of the world

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