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Lagwagon lyrics - Sleep


Hi it's, me i'm bored again, all is well i'm not insane
  I've been drunk for seven days, everything is fine
  I made some friends, broke the ice, then i some ate bread and cheese
  to gain some weight, keep me warm everything's o.k.
  It's me delivering psychosis, over the phone to you
  I color your world blue, ten thousand miles from you
  I'm sinking all alone, treading new waters, I miss my buoy
  The van smells like a dirty sock, everyone has got the flu
  I'd rather be sick of you, I'd rather be asleep
  [repeat chorus]
  When I get home, the band will have, it's first hit song
  you and I, will buy some rings, and a suburban home
  I'll bring home, the bacon bits, we'll make our parents grandparents
  I'll take you out, to breakfast at night, and then we'll go to sleep

Lagwagon lyrics - Sleep

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