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Lagwagon lyrics - Making Friends


As you in this search for something to hate
  I can feel you rally around someone
  With your peers
  But can you stand alone
  Can you take the long way home
  Cause I stood in the circle
  A hundred times before
  And I feel safer in the eye of a storm
  You can throw your stones
  I'll only bleed for you one day
  They all answer to the hearsay
  But they will only care for one day
  It's so small and I would love
  To show you all
  I can see you in the middle of a doubt
  You told them we had a falling out
  Sick your dogs on me
  As you take the easy way out
  So I will be a freak show
  When the circus comes to town
  And I will rain on your parade
  Without a sound
  Then we will draw a crowd
  That's only breaking down for one day
  I graduate this calss with honors
  I will never fail drama
  Making friends
  Will you still hate me tomorrow?

Lagwagon lyrics - Making Friends

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