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H lyrics - The Evening Shadows


I have an animal inside me
  He sleeps during the day
  But he kicks and ticks even when he's sleeping
  Never completely goes away
  And as the evening shadows stretch themselves
  The animal begins to wake
  Comes out to see what is for breakfast
  He takes whatever he can take
  He isn't murderous or wicked
  Sometimes he's like a little child
  But he's voracious and insatiable
  He's self-destructive and he's wild
  I sometimes think about the animal
  Sometimes I'm proud, Sometimes ashamed
  I know he drove me from my hometown
  Made me feel like I'm not the same
  I know he stops me being boring
  I think so anyway
  And I don't know if I control him
  But I must try to keep him chained
  But he doesn't think about the future
  He lives completely in the NOW
  Doo bee doo bee dooo...
  I sometimes see the other animals
  Controlling other peoples lives
  Doing things they thought they'd never do
  And not really knowing why
  So we must all beg for forgiveness
  Say sorry and explain
  Until the evening shadows stretch themselves
  And here we go again...

H lyrics - The Evening Shadows

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