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Espen Lind lyrics - The last day of my life


   Los Angeles, at the corner of sunset and fairfax, walking west
  Ooh, I love the smell of violence in the evening.
  Hey Bob George fuck off alright.
  I just got my grand wake up call.
  7 pm I woke up with a gun in my right hand, and so I`m like «what».
  Though at this point I suppose someone could be fucking with me, or else I`m really
  gone this time. Damn crystals.
  God I hate that neon sign. Let`s see, virgin records, George Michael, Mariah
  Car...Yeah, what`s this then. Tony Bennett! He makes pop records too now. Aw,
  this is too fucking much!
  Hey Mr. Truck Driver don`t dim those fucking headlights goddamit!
  You`re making me very nervous. Don`t honk at me man. I`ll fucking have you killed.
  Stupid motherfucker. What`s happening to me.
  I used to be cool. Now I`m like a fucking alarm clock.
  Not sure exactly what`s going on but I`ll tell you this much.
  I think we`re looking at the last day of my life.
  On the strip, outside st. Francis hotel
  Oooeeeh sunshine boy on the run tonight. This definitely is white boy day. Damn I
  feel good. Well lookee here. Now this is a classy place. Very nice. Le mondrian.
  And them latino backslapping asskissing bell boys outside. You can have anyone for
  a fiver and a smile in Hollywood. Why y`all running. Haven`t you you seen a
  semi-desperate guy with a loaded piece before. Elvis! Elvis! Elvis fucking Presley!!
  Well get the fuck ou..well for crying out loud! Oh man...Hey look I just want you to
  know Elvis that I never believed that whole FBI bullshit about you. Y`know fuck
  Hey folks say hi to Elvis! Whaddya mean they can`t see you. Elvis you`re making me
  very very nervous now. Yeah Elvis baby I need some assistance here man. I got
  these voices in my head right. I keep saying I`m funky they keep saying I`m dead.
  Y`know what I`m saying.
  «You the next little fucker in line, white boy!»
  Yeah that`s what they say swear to god. They`re everywhere man.
  Them mothers trace my narrows ass. I`m so fucked.
  I got this sinking feeling that what we`re dealing with here man.
  Is the last day of my life.
  On the strip between la cienega and san vicente.
  Walking past the dozen or so pavement restaurants where the rich and famous gather
  during those Hollywood afternoons
  Say Elvis what`s with the NBC car and the camera and stuff.
  Hey it`s leno doing a piece for the tonight show.
  Oh man this could be my break. Hey jay over here. No here. Jay! Jay!! Jay you
  can`t just drive off like tha...Oh fuck!
  Now what y`all lookin at!
  Don`t pointing at me sucker hey man you see this. Ooeee nice piece huh. Shit. Hey
  where them sirens coming from. Ah I get it I get I you rich motherfuckers out to get
  me huh.
  Why d`ya turn on me. I shoulda been one of you.
  Shouldaa been in a tarantino movie. Y`hear I know all the lines man. Well who da
  fuck needs you any damned way. Come here girl.
  Yeah you blondie. You and I gonna take a walk. Shut up! Oh shit.
  Meet my good friend mr. Elvis.
  Shit I got a dozen voices in my head I`d like to introduce your ass to as well.
  But there`s just no time.
  `Cos I`m walking on a line.
  With my eyes closed. Afraid to peek.
  And find out that I`m looking at the last day of my life.
  On the corner of sunset and horn avenue, right outside Spago`s
  Damn tonight`s getting dark fast. Hey mr. Fucking Spago d`ya have a table for me
  and my partner here mr. Elvis.
  See Elvis I`m about the only motherfucker who ain`t been in there.
  Now where all them cops come from huh.
  Now I don`t mind saying that this is making me very very nervous!
  What`s that officer. « Put the gun down and let the girl go»
  No officer I really don`t think so.
  See `cos I`m a bad motherfucker. Yo bitch check out this poem.
  I just made it. Yeah goes like this. 3...4
  « You people never treated me right. So I`m gonna make a stand tonight. I`ll place a
  bullet in the bitches head. And after I`ve made sure she`s dead. Then I`ll lay me
  down to sleep. And I`ll pray the lord my soul to keep. And if I should die before I
  wake. Then y`all say that kid sure was a flake»
  Aah come on bitch smile. I just made you live forever. Elvis my man.
  I guess this is the end of the road.
  Now we gonna ride into the sunset. So let`s go. No no age before beauty I insist.
  Too bad I never married and got myself a wife. So she could be here now to witness.
  The last day of my life. And as the sun sets in the west, I bid you all a fine farewell.
  Yippie-kay-yeah motherfuckers!! Thank you for letting me go.Thank you for letting
  me know. What it is that I missed. But lord. I`m not pissed.

Espen Lind lyrics - The last day of my life

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