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Espen Lind lyrics - Sweat


   Yesterday I was at peace with myself today is another story
  I feel like they`re watching me every second and that is why I worry
  I just can`t stand the stifling fact that they`re looking for me now
  They know where I live
  They know what I look like and just don`t ask me how
  So I sweat
  So I sweat
  I`m so freaked I`m soaking wet
  This is it
  This is it
  They`ve spiked my drink
  Made me sink
  Freaked me out so I can`t think
  So I sweat
  So I sweat
  I gaze over my shoulder every time I gotta cross the high street
  I stare into the ground so as not to eyeball the ones that I meet
  I guess police protection is out of the question
  That much is becoming clear
  This is such an outrage it is a disgrace
  The way they`re fucking with little old me
  Come on
  I see their reflections in car parts mirrors and heavy fumes
  And in disney tunes
  They talk without whispering
  `Cos they think I`m not listening
  Like dolphins are singing in ultra high wavelengths thay talk to me
  That`s just it you see
  I just can`t shut them off
  All I do is sweat
  Well I come I come I come I come alive
  With a shiver shiver shiver down my spine
  I can`t believe all the things that I see
  I try to run they hold on to me
  Escape by foot won`t get me far
  And the bastards boobietrapped my car
  I totally fucking fail to see
  Why this shit has to happen to poor little me

Espen Lind lyrics - Sweat

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