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Espen Lind lyrics - Leather


   There`s a courtyard in my mind
  Where I am scared to go `cos I don`t know what I`ll find
  Painted devils wicked dreams it`s all inside and it scares the shit outta me
  They`re dressed in leather head to toe
  They teach me all sorts of freaky shit that I didn`t know
  Each time they leave they ask me:
  "so what have we learned?"
  I can`t answer `cos I`m totally burned
  I`m so ashamed of what I do
  Which is why I`m telling you
  I guess I hope you`ll say it`s all right man it`s perfectly normal
  And if you think that`s the end
  Then I suggest you think again
  `cos it`s merely the start of a creepy journey through my warped mind
  When they fuck me I see all the things I never understood
  It`s kinda like being raped I guess
  only this feels so damn good
  It`s liberating it`ll open up your mind
  when you`ve been whipped to blood you`ll be amazed at what you find
  And when it`s over and I wake up from the dream
  the slashes on my back hurt so bad it makes me wanna scream
  fact or fiction
  truth or dare
  it`s all inside me and it makes me so scared

Espen Lind lyrics - Leather

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