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Dogwood lyrics - Last of the Lost


Our time has come.
  There once was a time for us.
  You cannot make it back no matter how fast you react.
  This was our bond.
  We said we'd always play for keeps.
  No one takes it back; They always ment it when they asked.
  You never remembered why we were here.
  The places that we shared
  and times when you weren't there.
  I picture you when we were friends.
  But I consider when it rains it pours,
  there's nothin more.
  I won't take it out on you.
  But I'll remember
  when you went your own way, you felt so afraid, no one would follow you.
  Time is now your affluence
  the aromatic bouquet of the flora that those corporate types all love.
  A stage upon which you retort.
  Some chemicals in your bloodstream will never fill the void of being clean.
  Gone is the normalcy,
  last of the lost.
  I long for you now,
  forgive me somehow.
  As I am weary
  I release the hate that caused the break.
  From taking it out on you.
  And I will never disavow you're in my heart I'm making it up to you.
  Confident we know the way.
  We will live again someday
  I never said my last good bye.
  I'll always give you one last try.
  Thanks to Nick Hussey (NkHsy@hotmail.cojm) for these lyrics

Dogwood lyrics - Last of the Lost

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