Lyrics / D / Dj Krush / Only the strong survive

Dj Krush lyrics - Only the strong survive


   (CL Smooth verse)
  (yeah, DJ Krush in the house, the car-mel kingpin
  CL Smooth and only the strong survive)
  actual facts
  the ghetto reacts to warfare
  real bullets miss you by your hair
  survival of the fittest
  hell for the three time losers
  the prisoners of enemy manuvers
  hold down the fort
  coz life is short enough to get it taken
  forsaken when your mental planes' breakin
  concealin' a 4 pound with every area
  we surround coz clown
  I get down for my crown
  take it to the streets for the
  honour and respect
  connect the lethal
  plus my young guns are unbeatable
  aiding and abetting the foul
  is a violation
  that's why my retalliation
  is premeditation
  the invitation
  is to run with a crew you can't do
  and too great to infiltrate from a
  nickel plate
  I state
  this be the illest ever known on a rush
  swervin' with the krush
  (CL Smooth 2nd verse)
  slip into the world of shiesty individuals
  a troubled man stalked by criminals
  creeping through the city
  I step on the block to chat with
  thugs from all the drugs for fatcat
  stepping off the set now hand on my tool
  thinking how bad I want to flip on that fool
  times are wasting
  chasing these punks for petty loot
  when there is a real mission to execute
  I put the plan in effect
  forget what you heard
  when you get the word from 1st and 3rd
  for real I got the fam and all my soldiers to feed
  with the gunslingers on the block puffin' weed
  envision the prison that I walk through
  leaving any witness
  when I'm about to handle my business
  no escape from the duct tape and artillery
  now tell me big man
  where's the money aint a damn thing funny
  (CL Smooth 3rd verse)
  cops play for medals
  killers play for corners
  in the middle are your sons and are
  your daughters
  who gives the orders
  to chaos and mayhem
  who has the proper guidance and mind to save them
  from this cold world of heartless ghetto dwellers,
  pimps, prostitutes, and dope sellers
  strive to be the lead and not follow
  you can be the queens of tommorrow
  dig it, I want all that and more
  for my peeps in the stuggle
  food, clothing, and shelter
  is essential
  to maintain the hardcore from the soft
  that pushed me to the edge but I can't fall off
  my battlegrounds keep the sound of babies crying,
  gunshots, and cursing
  can you feel my reel
  here's the deal
  by any means necessary
  go all out
  and keep this alive
  coz only the strong survive

Dj Krush lyrics - Only the strong survive

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