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Cyndi Lauper lyrics - Sally's pigeons


When I was eight I had a friend
   With a pirate smile
   Make believe and play pretend
   We were innocent and wild
   Hopped a fence and slammed the gate
   Running down my alleyway
   In time to watch Sally\'s pigeons fly
   We loved to watch them dive and soar
   Circle in the sky
   Free as a bird from three to four
   And never knowing why
   Neighbors pulled their wash back in
   Put away my Barbie and Ken
   Look out overhead
   While Sally\'s pigeons fly
   I had a fool\'s confidence
   That the world had no boundaries
   But instincts and common sense
   Come in different quantities
   My heart began to
   Skip to the beat
   Of the boy next door
   She had her eye across the street
   On someone shy and tall
   We lived our dreams
   And challenged fate
   In tears she told me she was late
   And Sally let his pigeons out to fly...
   On the dresser sits a frame
   With a photograph
   Two little girls in ponytails
   Some twenty one years back
   She left one night with just a nod
   Was lost from some back alley job
   I close my eyes and Sally\'s pigeons fly
   She never saw those birds again
   And me, I can\'t remember when
   A pirate smile hasn\'t made me cry
   I close my eyes
   And Sally\'s pigeons fly...

Cyndi Lauper lyrics - Sally's pigeons

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