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Cam'Ron lyrics - All The Chickens


[chickens clucking in background]
  All the chickens go cluck, cluck, cluck [repeats throughout song]
  When I come through
  All the chickens go cluck, cluck, cluck
  When I drive through
  All the chickens go cluck, when I
  All the chickens go cluck, when I
  All the chickens go cluck, when I, yo, yo
  I'm that one cat that the hood be lovin
  They way I floss, y'all chcickens, should be cluckin
  One bird chirp, got blunt wit me
  She work up at Starbuck, front on me
  I said chill baby girl, you a real dirty chick
  Fucked up bad, real, real, thirsty chick
  You just chop, called you karate chick
  Fuck with me, I make you somebody bitch
  Like your sister, she was just a crack chick
  Now heads turn, yo, yo who dat bitch?
  Like Cam is a son of a bitch
  That'll tell a girl, ma, wash under your tits
  But I, got a girl, we all call her "Licka"
  Cuz she drink liquor, let another girl lick her
  If you licky, licky, we all could play
  But I don't eat nothing that can walk away, Killa
  [chickens clucking]
  When I come through...
  When I drive through...
  Uh, one mo', when my jewelry shine...
  All the chickens go, all the chickens go, all the chickens go...
  Now if you been to the hood, you dealt wit a chicken before
  And you know that they different than whores
  Same rules, never put your dick in 'em raw
  But a chicken you could have out, pitchin 'em raw
  Cuz she listen, been through it, did it before
  But you gotta watch 'em close cuz they blab they mouth
  Never punch 'em in they face just slap they mouth
  Then fuck her til she cluck her whole basket out
  Send her home wit her ass ripped out, and her back hurtin'
  She wanna act like she don't know why her back hurtin'
  Cab fare no, hope your train pass workin'
  Hope you got a metro card or a token
  They all love sayin if you lickin you stickin
  But just cuz I eat chicken don't mean I eat chickens
  And they love when I don't stop, keep diggin
  Make 'em wanna cluck more, make 'em wanna fuck more
  [chickens still clucking]
  Uh, uh, Killa, uh, uh, what, uh
  When I come through...
  Oh, uh, what, uh, when I drive through...
  Uh, uh, uh, when my jewels shine...
  All the chickens, all the chickens, all the chickens
  Ayo one time came through, grabbed me a chicken
  Took L advice, slap me a chicken
  But my girl don't need no type of brains
  Just get down, gimme some type of brains
  And I'm never gonna have no damn wife to claim
  But if your head right I might ice your chain
  It's a shame how y'all chicks admire the jewels
  Niggas wearin white gold y'all inspired them fools
  But I'ma tell you chicks once
  Only thing you gon' get from Juelz is dick and some big blunts
  And if you don't smoke guess it's just dick
  But don't worry baby it's about this thick
  [chickens continue]
  Uh, when I come through...
  Yo, it's like you know, if my watch is $50,000...
  My chain is $45,000...
  My pinky ring is $25,000...
  The year of my car, match the year that it is
  What you expect a chicken to fuckin do?
  Y'all doin the right thing ma keep cluckin
  Cuz I'ma keep shinin, keep cluckin
  Uh, when I come through...
  When I drive through...
  [cluck to the end]

Cam'Ron lyrics - All The Chickens

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