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Buzzcocks lyrics - Keats' song


   I never knew that
  Party talk is oh so dull
  Oh what fun to chat
  No thanks my glass is full
  I looked in your eyes
  And blushed with suprise
  I'd met you before
  Hello I beg you pardon
  Couldn't hear 'bove the roar
  Why not let's go in the garden?
  You led the way
  Oh my it's my day
  We looked at a flower
  Night-scented so you said
  We talked for an hour
  Or more and then you read
  From the book of my mind
  Some words of poetry of a kind
  We said our goodbyes
  Au revoir they say in French
  My taxi rolled by
  I slouched on the upholstered bench
  Oh Keats was so clever
  A thing of beauty is a joy for ever

Buzzcocks lyrics - Keats' song

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