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Buzzcocks lyrics - Breakdown


If I seem a little jittery I can't restrain myself
  I'm falling into fancy fragments - can't contain myself
  I'm gonna breakdown - breakdown yes
  Now I can stand austerity but it gets a little much
  when there's all these livid things that you never get to touch
  I'm gonna breakdown ...
  I feel me brain like porridge coming out of me ears
  and I was anticipating reverie
  I've taken leave of me senses - and I'm in arrears
  my legs buckle over - I'm living on my knees
  I'm gonna breakdown ...
  Whatever makes me tick it takes away my concentration
  sets my hands a-trembling - gives me frustration
  I'm gonna breakdown ...
  So I hear that two is company for me it's plenty trouble
  though my double thoughts are clearer now that I am seeing double
  I'm gonna breakdown ...
  Oh mum can I grow out of what's too big for me?
  I'll give up that ghost before it gives up me
  I wander loaded as a crowd - a nowhere wolf of pain
  Living next to nothing - my nevermind remains
  I'm gonna breakdown ...

Buzzcocks lyrics - Breakdown

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