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Buzzcocks lyrics - Boredom


Yeah - well - I say what I mean
  I say what comes to my mind
  I never get around to things
  I live a straight - straight line
  You know me - I'm acting dumb
  you know the scene - very humdrum
  boredom - boredom
  I'm living in this movie
  but it doesn't move me
  I'm the man that's waiting for the phone to ring
  Hear it ring-a-ding-a-f***ing-ding
  You know me ...
  You see there's nothing behind me
  I'm already a has-been
  my future ain't what it was
  well I think I know the words that I mean
  You know me ...
  B'dum - b'dum
  I've taken this extravagant journey
  so it seems to me
  I just came from nowhere
  and I'm going straight back there
  You know me ...
  So I'm living in this movie
  but it doesn't move me
  so tell me who are you trying to arouse?
  get your hands out of my trousers
  You know me ...

Buzzcocks lyrics - Boredom

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