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Buzzcocks lyrics - 16


You know I don't like dancin'
  An' I don't like to bop
  Too much movement's exertion
  Makes me wish I could drop
  Dro' dro' dro' dro' dro' dro' drop
  An' I don't like french kissin'
  Cos you swallow my tongue
  And you think that you're oh so very old
  You only want me 'cos you think I'm so young
  Yo' yo' yo' yo' yo' yo' young
  All right
  No way
  An' I wish I was sixteen again
  Then things would be such fun
  All the things I'd do would be the same
  But they're much more fun
  Than when you're twenty wo' wo' wo' wo' wo' one
  All right
  No way
  An' I hate modern music
  Disco boogie pop
  They go on an' on an' on an' on an' on
  How I wish they would stop

Buzzcocks lyrics - 16

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