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Bro'sis lyrics - Peace of soul


I will always stay
   myself, go my way
   live me dream ‘till I have found you never let you go
   it’s my wish, my goal
   to find my peace of soul!
   So many things, that I hide
   like a flower that grows inside
   comes out of my mouth,
   when I sing my song
   trust in my words and
   try to go on
   Yeah, yeah
   I felt the love it was destiny
   all inclusive harmoniy
   I knew right then it was ment to be
   I will always stay...
   Have to find your peace of soul
   to get you into your inner control
   you get it in your own way
   important is that in the end you can say
   All I had walked away from me
   I was to blind to see reality
   the pain that lingers on inside my heart
   will I know one day from me depart
   Bro’Sis help me sing
   goin’ my wa not matter what they say
   struggle als I do it
   ‘til the very last day
   ‘til the very last day
   I will always stay...
   Peace, the definition of tis slow jam
   what’s my mother-fuckin’ way 2 go i don’t know
   watch the programm while I must and gotta trust
   and 2 keep my peace of mind and lemme
   bust and listen look up 2 a friend it
   gotta be life ist the bomb only if you
   let me be, I’ll be myself and go my way
   so face reality and find my peace of soul
   I will always stay...
   And now I’m cool with you
   and now I’m cool with you...
   listen, I don’t know
   let me know!

Bro'sis lyrics - Peace of soul

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