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Best Kept Secret lyrics - Another Night


This time I know I'm gonna get it right The signs all point to it this time I know I've failed you once before I've been lost since you walked out that door Dating you snuck up and caught me off guard No one compared to you Immaturity played you in my game And lost the best part of you The bottle falls and hits the floor One more chance with you girl I know I wont mess it up It's not over, don't say its over I wont spend another night... Thinking about fate and explanations Remapping, back tracking Your moves for so long I think a lot about that day we talk again And make it right now from here on in I wont spend another night I'm tired of this talking in my sleep Three more words girl will make my life complete I'm through with my dreaming/its not over I'm sick of believing/don't say its over I won't spend another night alone!

Best Kept Secret lyrics - Another Night

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