Lyrics / B / Basia Trzetrzelewska / Not an angel

Basia Trzetrzelewska lyrics - Not an angel


I\'m not an angel
   You know me better
   Not an angel
   You rule my world, you rule my world
   Now take me to heaven
   Forgive my open talk
   But our love is not taboo
   It was a dream before
   With you I feel the Earth move
   Take me high, make me smile
   Get to know my other side
   I kept the best for you
   Teach me now, show me how
   Baby you might be surprised
   I\'ll be good to you
   I\'m grown up I\'m not shy
   I have waited long enough
   For someone like you
   It\'s not a crime, it\'s alright
   Come and try
   I saved it all for you

Basia Trzetrzelewska lyrics - Not an angel

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