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Basia Trzetrzelewska lyrics - Copernicus


This is a song about the place I come from
   It\'s not on the moon at all
   Where people\'s hearts are filled with passion
   I miss it so, \'cause I\'m here chasing love
   In my land of great romantics
   I\'m the biggest dreamer of them all
   No way to stop their desire to change
   And to improve our world
   One invented Esperanto
   Ready to move and to try something new
   I\'m convinced that Chopin too
   Would dig samba if he had a chance to groove
   Though it\'s true
   That I only know very few simple words of your language
   I\'ve cracked it I\'ve decided
   Because the only words we need to communicate
   Are the ones that can help me say
   \"I do love you\"
   And that make me understand you love me too
   Our love will take this globe by storm
   If it\'s London, Warsaw or New York
   \'Cause all around the world
   People want to love and be loved
   Open your eyes
   There\'s so much we don\'t know
   We don\'t even realise
   So you might get a better picture
   And if I say, that on this planet today
   We all have the same hearts,
   I don\'t claim I\'m Curie or
   Nasza miloscia podbijemy glob
   Londyn, Warszawe albo Nowy Jork
   Sporjz tylko wsyscy w krag
   Chca byc kochani i kochac chca

Basia Trzetrzelewska lyrics - Copernicus

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