Lyrics / B / Basia Trzetrzelewska / Brave new hope

Basia Trzetrzelewska lyrics - Brave new hope


Looking out of the window
   Can\'t believe what I see
   Where was all this beauty when I loved you
   From now on this is my world
   Yes we lost but I don\'t hurt any more
   I knew there must be more to life than this
   Now is the time for me
   I\'m grateful you set me free
   Baby one good turn deserves another
   Now is the time for you
   Pray our dreams come true
   Could not see the world around me
   You were my world
   But now I keep inside my heart a
   There is no need to worry
   I\'ll find my place in the sun
   Better days arehere to stay forever
   Times are changing so am I
   Not alone \'cause there\'s a heart needing love
   I know that God will give me one more chance
   Everything seems new
   Have to get to know my friends again
   I never realized that it could be like this
   Time is a love-continuum
   And I\'ve got so much love to give
   I\'m not afraid to start this journey again tomorrow

Basia Trzetrzelewska lyrics - Brave new hope

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