Lyrics / B / Basia Trzetrzelewska / Baby you're mine

Basia Trzetrzelewska lyrics - Baby you're mine


Sitting there and feeling lonely
   Had my blue eyes for you only
   Suddenly you turned around and smiled at me
   It wasn\'t my imagination
   Had no doubts no hesitation
   When it comes to love I know where I wanna be
   Is it real am I dreaming
   I\'ve been waiting light years for someone like you
   Can\'t believe you are here with me
   I\'ve got you and I can\'t hide it anymore
   I want the world to know that
   Baby you\'re mine
   You are blowing my mind
   We are two of a kind
   Baby you\'re really mine
   Now I see what I\'ve been missing
   It\'s the happiest girl you\'re kissing
   Baby only you can make me feel like this

Basia Trzetrzelewska lyrics - Baby you're mine

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