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Babyface lyrics - You Were There


Time passes, the world changes
  But I'm still the same ole' kid
  And your jokes still bring me laughter
  As if you still were here
  And it hurts
  When I smile
  'Cause my heart still remembers
  When you were around
  'Cause you were there
  When no one was
  Just when I thought nobody cared
  You showed me love
  'Cause you were my friend
  You always told me
  And I am still here
  Because you were there
  So precious, small treasures
  A time when truth was innocent
  True friendship, was all we were after
  A place where kids could still be kids
  And it hurts
  But I'm glad
  'Cause at least I was blessed
  To have you as my friend
  You're my best friend
  There are no accidents
  God has a plan for everyone
  And he brought you in my life
  To show me what a good friendship was

Babyface lyrics - You Were There

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