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Az Yet lyrics - Inseparable Lovers


[Rick Cousin & J. Scott]
  Inseparable lovers,
  from the start I really want to know what's going on in my heart
  Hey, I've got this feeling that you will be mine,
  all mine until the end of time
  As I go along, I can feel you keep me going strong
  Each and every day as I go my way
  My love is all for you and it's here to stay
  I've been waiting, I've been waiting
  Why baby, do you make me feel that way?
  I'm glad I got you in my love today
  I'll never doubt your love will stay
  You love will stay always
  I'm hanging on just like a child, said I've been with you (for quite a while)
  Please girl, understand me?
  Oh my love is not demanding, and I will not ever leave you
  Ever leave you (No, No, No, No, No)
  Real love with good intentions
  Girl won't you share my visions
  My visions of a perfect love
  Just like the ones from up above
  My perfect angel, listen
  I have but one conviction
  You were the change and I plead guilty
  I plead guilty
  You love hit me
  Inseparable, love will never go away
  Inseparable, love will always be here to stay

Az Yet lyrics - Inseparable Lovers

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