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Az Yet lyrics - Care For Me


  Looking in your eyes
  It's written on your face
  I can read your mind
  You feel the same as me, baby, girl it's
  Time you face the truth
  You're in love with me
  And I think it's time that you came around
  Girl you care for me
  Like I care for you
  And you think of me all the time
  Girl you want from me
  What I want from you
  And you dream of me every night
  There's nowhere you can run
  Nowhere you can hide
  Can't you feel it girl
  You're running outta time, baby, girl it's
  Nothing but your fate
  You're supposed to be with me
  So start acting like you're my baby, girl
  It's really not good for you to
  Deny the feelings deep inside you
  You're really overdue, you need to open up
  Truly girl, it's time for you to
  Come to terms with what's inside you
  This ain't no time to run away from love

Az Yet lyrics - Care For Me

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