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Aus Rotten lyrics - Two Years And One Song Later


Tuesday May 18th is a day in history
  It's a day that has been contantly repeated for years and years
  A day no more or less significant than any other day
  It's only a blur in the endless carnage and suffering
  That possesses the stinging similarity to the Nazi holocaust
  These atrocities, however, are happening right now
  It's just another day of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia
  Ethnic cleansing is the Serbian invented euphemism
  Describing the atrocities being committed against Muslim and Croatian civilians
  The war that began in April 1992 was predictable
  What was not so predictable was the cold-blooded murder of civilians,
  Nor was the massive deportation in over crowded cattle cars
  Of trains to concentration camps
  Upon arrival at these camps prisoners are sheared like sheep
  Denied medical attention, food and shelter many die in these camps every day
  The grass has all been ripped out to eat
  When it rains prisoners find themselves standing up to their knees in mud
  Only a handful of these prisoners bore arms against the Serbian soldiers
  The Serbian government has given orders that special treatment be shown
  To healthy women between seventeen and forty years of age
  Tens of thousands of these young girls and women receiving this special treatment
  Were systematically raped with the sickening plan of impregnating them with Serbian seeds
  And making them bare a stranger, which is then to be taken away
  The world strongly stated "Never Again" after World War II
  This may be the reason why most of the world seems to be ignoring this modern day genocide
  Tuesday May 18th, 1993 ws the date on the newspaper that held the gruesome picture of
  A woman holding a skull that once belonged to a loved one
  This single picture outraged me and opened my eyes to the ethnic cleansing
  I had previously overlooked as just another war?
  It was a slap in the face that I still feel to this day
  A constant reminder of the pain caused by human ignorance and greed
  Almost two years and one song later and nothing's changed, except for the death toll
  How muchlonger will the people sit silently by... as history repeats?

Aus Rotten lyrics - Two Years And One Song Later

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