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Aus Rotten lyrics - Tedium


I fear that I'm losing what little was mine
  I gave you control and you're robbing me blind
  I showed you my soul and you took all I had
  Blind, mained, disfigured you left me for dead
  I look out my window down on
  the street/ See all the people crushed out by defeat
  See all the suffering it shines in their eyes
  Pushed to the limits humanity dies
  We go on slaving day after day
  Just to survive collecting our pay
  And to the rich go all the spoils
  And to the poor degradation and toil
  You stole all my time corrupted my mind
  Made all your profits and left me behind
  Treated me like nothing,a line on a chart
  It's your mindless Tedium that tore me apart

Aus Rotten lyrics - Tedium

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