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Aus Rotten lyrics - Right Wing Warfare


We couldn'twait until judgement day
  So we'll tell you now what god has to say
  We're only here to give god's plan a nudge
  And declare ourselves as your rightful judge
  Because we're the enlightened ones who hear his words
  And we'll make sure you get what you deserve
  So if your lifestyle has left god's will defied
  Then you too will be crucified
  The amount of oppression commited in the name of god above
  Seems hypocritical for an institution that claims to cherish love
  But the leaders of the Christian right seem eager to create
  A national hysteria based on ignorance and hate
  Claiming to be the voice for whatever god has to say
  Condemning same-sex marriages and advancement for gays
  A return to traditional values that help hold women back
  While portraying themselves as the minorities whose lifestyle is under attack
  It's time to let god's work commence
  Oppressing others in his own defense
  His superiority makes his tyranny just
  So our vengeful god will do what he must
  To protect you from eternal damnation
  Or even worse: gay liberation
  All the oppression he puts his children through
  Is only done out of his love for you
  Under the guise of saving themselves from religious persecution
  Is one way of recruiting followers into this bigoted institution
  Convincing Christian soldiers that they are fighting the good fight
  Helps them feel more comfortable with depriving others human rights
  Redefining their image to protect a reasonable front
  Keeping the focus from thei hidden agenda of what they really want
  Absolute political power and a Christian hierarchy
  And the salvation of your soul that can be saved with lots of money
  When god asks for your money you must abide
  So just sit back and let faith provide
  Because with all of your money that Jesus saves
  He can fill the holes in the path he paves
  Where you hope to find your souls salvation
  But it won't live up to your expectations
  Your blind devotion has been their best investment
  Now prepare your soul for disappointment
  As a messenger of Christ I call on all of God's soliders to rise up and take a stand.
  These are troubled times and we find ourselves engulfed in spiritual warfare,
  submerged in a desperate battle between good and evil. Too many people have
  been lef astray and brainwashed by the anti-biblical feminist movement and the
  gay agenda. These heathens are responsible for the decline in the moral fabric of
  our society. It's out Christian duty to rid the world of all this vileness. To recognize
  these sinners as human beings would be an abomination in the eyes of god.
  I don't need god, I don't need saved, and I won't be enslaved
  Jesus enslaves
  Christians surrender and subit to god's will
  Those in the womb you protect, those on death row you kill
  An eye for an eye, a tooth for the truth
  Is this the message instilled in their youth
  Or is it protesting funerals to voice their concerns
  Fighting his battles until Christ returns
  If his messengers are these bigoted men
  Than it seems that god is showing bad judgement again
  What is it going to take before your agenda is appeased,
  An entire nation of worshippers dying on their knees?
  And everlasting pain and suffering for those who don't repent
  Is that the compassionate, loving god you claim to represent?
  Looking for moral leadership from these bigoted hypocrites
  Is like hoping for a fortune by polishing your shit
  Fuck the Christian Coalition and their fascist polictis
  There's nothing wrong with these people that a hungry lion couldn't fix

Aus Rotten lyrics - Right Wing Warfare

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