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Adrian Belew lyrics - Robobo's beef


   If you watch the news on t.v.
  it's enough to make you sick.
  think we need a new solution
  think we better find it quick
  'cause we're in acceleration
  and there ain't much time to think
  trigger fingers are gettin' itchy now
  oh, they've got us on the brink.
  i refuse to hate the russians
  and I ain't scared of the chinese
  'cause they're people just like we are
  and they got their families
  they don't want their young men dying
  for a piece of foreign ground
  and they're tired of taking orders
  and being pushed around
  being pushed around
  but it's gonna happen soon
  from here to every distant shore
  when people everywhere refuse
  to take it anymore
  this world is shrinking day by day
  the boundaries are obsolete
  still every man breaks his back to pay
  and make some arsenal complete
  how can we build more weapons
  knowing what we'll use them for?
  how can family men assemble
  the machinery of war?
  you gotta wonder.

Adrian Belew lyrics - Robobo's beef

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