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Adrian Belew lyrics - Motor bungalow


   I don't wanna live
  I wanna live, I wanna live everywhere
  in a rolling big house
  full of fresh air
  a motor bungalow,
  round and comfortable
  like a highway yacht with a shower,
  no stairs
  you can anchor her,
  you can anchor her anywhere
  sleep a week or so
  and get to know the local jokes
  in a motor bungalow,
  round and comfortable
  In the bungalow breakfast nook
  on the bungalow breakfast table
  violets picked in Vermont
  and shells knicked on a Florida jaunt
  and a menu from Cohens restaurant
  in a motor bungalow
  motor bungalow
  One morning
  roll down the windows
  let the north wind in
  and fly across the continent
  up to Canada,
  whoa, Canada
  to view a true moose, uuhhhmm
  wet your pants, ha!
  in a cold stream
  eat home-made ice cream
  and live
  in a motor bungalow

Adrian Belew lyrics - Motor bungalow

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