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10cc lyrics - Flying junk


Oo he\'s a sly one
   He\'s a razamataz man
   He flew in from Singapore
   On a flying junk man
   Oo he\'s a devil
   Oo and the devil\'s gonna bring you down
   Oo he\'s a stalwart
   With a heavy load on
   He\'s got a finger in everyone\'s pie
   And he\'s got what you want
   Oo he\'s a salesman
   Oo and his goods are gonna bring you down
   He\'s never got the stuff
   If you ever come to him without money
   He hasn\'t got the time
   For the people who are down on their knees
   But if the price is right
   You won\'t be asking him where it came from
   Oo he\'s a remnant
   From the swingin\' sixties
   He pushed his load down the Kings Road
   To the Chelsea Potter
   Oo he\'s a snow job
   Oo and his shovels gonna cover you

10cc lyrics - Flying junk

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